b'Top Tips for Machine Safety1.Read the operating manual of any8.Establish clear lockout procedures new machine carefully, even if you areand install barriers as appropriate, already familiar with the basics. Alwaysenabling the complete cessation of follow the instructions given. electrical current in emergencies or for maintenance. Presence-detecting 2.Always wear machine-appropriatelight curtains will induce an emergency personal protection equipment (PPE). shutdown if they detect limbs in Closed toe shoes protect your feet fromhazardous areas.impact and falling items and also reduce the risk of slips. Full wrap goggles shield9.Make sure appropriate guarding your eyes from debris that may escape(shielding) is securely installed to the guarding. Cut resistant gloves canprotect operators and critical parts of ward off injuries caused by exposure tothe machinery itself from flying debris, sharp edges and blades. Read our guidesparks, moving parts or entanglement to PPE here. hazards. Cabling should also be appropriately guarded. Only use 3.Only operate machinery for which youguarding that is free from its own hazards have received full training. e.g. sharp edges. Always switch off 4.Visually assess the machinery and itsmachinery when stepping away from it.fixtures and fittings before use, looking10. Fit easy-to-understand safety warning for any potential problems. signs in visible locations, for the benefit 5.Tie back loose clothing and hair andof anybody in the vicinity of the machine.remove any jewellery to avoid the risk of11.Ensure that a well thought-through entanglement. cleaning and maintenance system is in place so that workers involved in such 6.Ensure that there are no slipping ortasks are not exposed to unnecessary tripping hazards in the vicinity. risks.7.Ensure you know the location of the12. Only fully trained technicians should emergency stop (e-stop) button if oneconduct repairs and modifications.is present and make sure you can access it immediately if needed.Shop our Machine Safety Range RS stocks the widest range of machine safety products in the marketFrom safety relays and light curtains to emergency stops, you can find all the recognised and trusted brands in our range.Renato Larosa, National Sales Manager - RS Australia7'