b'ANSELL HAND PROTECTION HyFlex 11-518HyFlex 11-528 Blue Polyurethane Coated Cut Resistant Gloves Black Nitrile Coated Cut ResistantUltralight duty seamless liner Glass-free INTERCEPT liner provides increased cut protectionEnhanced flexibility (range of motion) andtactility (fingertip sensitivity). Enhanced flexibility for range of motion and tactility for handling small partsDyneema Diamond Technology fiber Grip performance for safe handling in dry to light oily applicationsVery high cut-to-dexterity ratio for safety with comfort EN cut level 3 (ANSI cut level 2). NBR Foam coating provides high grip and abrasion (ANSI 4)Thin PU Coating DMF freeHigh dexterity with high abrasion resistance (EN level 3, ANSI level 3).217-4899Size 6 11518060 217-4906Size 6 11528060217-4900Size 7 11518070 217-4907Size 7 11528070217-4902Size 8 11518080 217-4908Size 8 11528080217-4903Size 9 11518090 217-4909Size 9 11528090217-4904Size 10 11518100 217-4910Size 10 11528100217-4905Size 11 11518110 217-4911Size 11 11528110HyFlex 11-738EDGE 48-701NABlack Nitrile, Polyurethane Coated Cut Resistant Black Polyurethane Coated Work Unique combination of INTERCEPT Technology yarn, Nylon, Lycra, and glass fiber GlovesUltra strong fibers provide extreme resistance against cuts and burrs Good dexterity and flexibility.Reinforced thumb crotch for increased protection & extended use life High cut protection and abrasion level.Oeko-Tex 100 approved Good grip in dry Silicone free environments.Palm dipping for good protection against oil compared to a knitted or cut and sew glove.217-4912Size 6 11738060 217-4987Size 6 48701060217-4913Size 7 11738070 217-4988Size 7 48701070217-4914Size 8 11738080 217-4990Size 8 48701080217-4915Size 9 11738090 217-4991Size 9 48701090217-4916Size 10 11738100 217-4992Size 10 48701100217-4918Size 11 11738110 217-4993Size 11 48701110HyFlex 11-939EDGE 48-128NABlack/Grey Foam Nitrile Coated Cut Resistant Gloves Black Nitrile Coated Work GlovesProtects against lacerations, oil and industrial fluid exposure Very light and comfortableUltra-lightweight 18 gauge design provides dexterity and a high level of comfort High level of dexterity and flexibilityReinforced thumb crotch for increased protection & extended use life Good level of abrasion and oil resistanceGrip performance for safe handling in dry-to-oily applications Dark glove shows dirt contamination less quicklyHigh durability FORTIX coating for extended product use lifeSilicone freeAlso available in vend pack217-4926Size 6 11939060 217-4981Size 6 48128060217-4927Size 7 11939070 217-4982Size 7 48128070217-4928Size 8 11939080 217-4983Size 8 48128080217-4929Size 9 11939090 217-4984Size 9 48128090217-4930Size 10 11939100 217-4985Size 10 48128100217-4931Size 11 11939110 217-4986Size 11 48128110au.rs-online.com45'