b'SITE SAFETY Wall Mounted First Aid Kit for 50 people NASurdy Lockable cabinetTwo keys suppliedFully stocked with 1-50 person kit787-3495 460 mm x 340mm x 180 mmBreak Glass Call Point NA Accident Report Book NAGreen MCP, double pole, surfaceAccident book ha s a total space for mounted with glass 53 incidents to record on A4 bookBreak glass operation Quick and easy to record accidentsUnique plug and play conceptFolder includes useful guidance notes for saves installation time completing and storing accident records513-6946 Emergency Release Call Point MCP4A-G000SG 787-3694 A4Briton Fire Door Push Bar NA Sharps Disposal Bin NASuitable for single doors up toSafely discards sharps2500mm high x 1300mm wide Non toxic when incineratedSelf-handed- will suit both leftStrong secure binsand right handed doorsAdditional security provided by anti-thrust device to prevent leverage from socket187-7160 2-Point 376.SE 787-3628 Sharps Disposal Binau.rs-online.com41'