b'WASHROOM SUPPLIES100 ml Tube Hand Sanitiser NA Fantech Automatic Steel Hand Dryer NApH meter 6.77.3 Automatic IR sensorViscometer 4000cps to 6000cps 360 nozzle rotationDensity cup 0.88g/mL to 0.9g/mL Dries in 15 seconds (approx.)201-9557 100ml 3147017 181-8938 240mm x 212mm x 270mm HHD2500RWFloral Flex Hand Cleaner NA Tork Plastic Black Counter Top PaperNATowel DispenserLight floral aroma leaves hands smelling clean Our slim, hygienic Tork Xpress paper towel Hygienically sealed to eliminatedispenser for the Countertop is the ideal the risk of cross contamination dispensing solution for smaller spacesDelivers up to 1,625 hand washe Ideal for low to medium traffic washroomsCost-effective and efficient to use due to individual towel removal and easy topping-up146-2802 500 ml Cartridge 3486605 202-8522 116mm x 218mm x 323mm 552208Kleenex Optimum Hand Towel NA Kleenex Luxury Foam Hand Cleanser NAOne pack of Kleenex OptimumOne cartridge of Kleenex foam hand towels contains 120 towels andskin cleaner contains 1000ml, one one case contains 20 packs case contains 6 cartridgesEach towel is made using theThe cost effective, high capacity refills highly absorbent and quickprovide up to 2500 hand washes eachdrying Airflex technology The gentle, everyday formula Optimum sized paper towels forcleans and cares for skineffective single sheet hand drying The compact, easy to use These premium towels have a quality feel anddispensers suit all locationssuperior softness for the comfort of the user This rich, luxurious foaming soap FSC certified, environmentally friendly towels for a refreshing and enjoyable skin cleaning experience226-4146 305 x 240mm Paper Towel, 120 Sheets 4456 1000 ml 6342au.rs-online.com40'