b'KIMBERLY-CLARK WASHROOMScott Hard Roll Towel NA Aquarius Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser NA6 x 304 m blue, 1 ply roll (1,824 m total) Dispenses rolled towels without the need to touch the dispenser, High capacity, super-compressed roll for less frequent refilling helping to reduce contamination and the spread of germsMade using our unique Airflex Technology.Sleek and contemporary design with a white, high-Soft, strong & highly absorbent, even when wet. gloss, easy-clean finish and no dirt or dust trapsFood Contact certified and Ecolabel certified Hassle-free maintenance keeps costs down in areas of heavy usePerfect for busy washrooms and food preparation areas. With a window to gauge refill needsDispenser size 43.8 cm (L) x 33.8 cm (W) x 24.1 cm (D)Suitable for Scott 6668 & 1005226-4195 Blue, 1 ply 6668226-4104 White, 1 ply 1005 226-4202 White ABS plastic 69590Scott Essential Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue NA Aquarius 70210 Jumbo Roll Twin Dispenser NAOne roll measures 300m, one case contains 8 rolls EIdeal for: dispensing rolled toilet tissue in an elegant format The high capacity dispensing system of Scott Essentialfor high-traffic areas; easy loading, it offers a smart, hygienic jumbo toilet tissues reduces maintenance during peak times and cost effective solution when you need it most2-ply toilet rolls deliver superior softness,Quick-fill dispenser in a sleek and contemporary design, absorbency and comfort for users with a white, high-gloss, easy-clean finish and no dirt or dust Improved efficiency as less time spent servicing and refilling traps, a window (so you can see when a refill is needed) FSC certified, environmentally friendly Suitable for Kleenex 5749, 4782, & Scott 5748, 4781, & Scott Essential 38004226-4115 2ply, 8 rolls x 300m 38004 226-4211 White, 52.6cm x 13.8cm x 30cm 70210Kleenex foam hand sanitiser NA Touch-free electronic skincare dispenserFragrance and dye free formulation kills up to 99.999% of germs.Most hygienic soap dispensing optionDermatologically tested formula containsReliable, controlled dispensingaloe vera and skin humectant. Indicator lights for low product and low batteryFit for purpose in food handling or processing areas. Suitable for facilities where hygiene is at the upmost importanceCompatible with Kleenex 6493, 34614, 915911l catridge. 6 per case 64921.2l catridge. 4 per case 6493 White ABS plastic 92147226-4198 Aquarius White skincare dispenser69480 Metallic ABS plastic 11329au.rs-online.com34'