b'Clean these hot spots to help reduce germs in manufacturing facilitiesNo matter which surfaces they come in contact with throughout their day, give your employees and visitors greater peace of mind by providing proven cleaning and disinfecting solutions to help break the chain of germ transmission.Hand soap and Spray bottle with disinfectant and disposable hand towels wipers or pre-wet disinfectant wipesCleaning vs Sanitising vs Disinfectingwhats the difference?HandsanitiserClean AND disinfectfrequently touched surfacesdaily.In the span of 24 hours, the average adult touchesNearly 95% of surveyed adults did not wash long 7,200 surfaces 1and touches their face 552 times 2 . enough to clean the bacteria and germs from their hands.4Research has shown that water fountain It is recommended by the CDC that PPE be worn spigots can have 19 times the amount of bacteria when using chemical disinfectants for cleaning.5as a toilet seat.31. Zhang, N., Li, Y. and Huang, H., 2018. Surface touch and its network growth in a graduate student office. Indoor air, 28(6), pp.963-9722.A frequent habit that has implications for hand hygiene Kwok, Yen Lee Angela et al. 2015. American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 43, Issue 2, 112114 3. https://www.nsf.org/consumer-resources/studies-surveys-infographics/germ-studies/germiest-places-schools4.Borchgrevink, C.P., Cha, J. and Kim, S., 2013. Hand washing practices in a college town environment. Journal of environmental health, 75(8), p.18.; Hand Washing Practices in a College Town Environment, Journal of Environmental Health5.CDC.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/disinfecting-your-home6. Information contained here are recommended best practices, and do not supersede any recommendations or regulations mandated by local laws and regulations.'