b'Contents4 Latest News6 Article: Machine Safety in the Workplace8 Safety door and interlock switches WELCOME10 Safety relays12 Emergency stop buttons13 Pushbuttons & pilot lights Making sure your workplace 14 Grab wire switches & Foot switches operates safely is vital, not only 16 Safety Light barriers / curtains to avoid injury to you and your 17 Beacons & sounders colleagues but to also ensure you18 Clipsal remain compliant with the law. 19 HPM20 Article: Fluke 393 Personal safety is a crucial component of health and 22 PAT testing & Insulation testing safety requirements, however, you must not ignore24 Voltage testing other critical safety areas, such as machinery safety, where legislative compliance is just as important.25 Clampmeters26 Multifunction testersOften considered separately and not given the 27 Multimeters same focus are electrical and general site safety, but all industrial sites must put procedures and 28 Electrically safe tools & Mats measures in place to keep the workforce safe.30 RS PRO Facilities Maintenance31 Article: Hygienic workplacs In this edition of MRO Solutions, weve highlighted some of the products from our extensive34 Kimberley-Clark Hygiene Solutions industrial workplace safety range, which can 38 Article: Prioritising safety in manufacturing help you keep your workforce and site,40 Washroom supplies safe and compliant.41 Site safety42 Safety signs Regards,43 Working at Height44 Head & eye protection45 Hand protection from Ansell46 3M respiratory & hearing protection Scott Philbrook48 Foot protection Managing Director49 Protective clothing RS Components ANZ50 Mega Manufacturing Sale'