b'ELECTRICAL SAFETY MATS Sibille TTCL0 Electrical Safety Mat NA Knipex Electrical Safety Mat NAMaximum operating voltage 1000 V ac For added protection when working Insulating mat class 0 live or close to live partsMade from elastomer918-2489 1m x 1m x 1.5mm TTCL0 1X1 665-4640 1m x 1m x 1mm98 67 10RS PRO Anti-Slip Electrical Safety Mat NA Facom Electrical Safety Mat NARibbed Surface offers traction under foot Professional 3.2mm thick rubber Resistant to acid, oil and low temperature insulating mat provides safety for Ideal for use in front of switchboardsoperatives against electrical shocksand high voltage equipment Ideal for use in front of switchboards and high voltage equipmentTested to 20,000V790-3007 1m x 1m x 5mm 032-1130 600mm x 1m x 3.2mm BC.20VSEBahco Anti-Slip Electrical Safety Mat NA SAM Electrical Safety Mat NAValid for use up to 5000V AC Used to isolate the operator from conductive Protects against earth connectionelements such as floors and wallswhen operating live systemsComplies with EN10204-3.1688-0455 1m x 1m x 20mm 2820VM 221-2736 600mm x 1m x 3mmZ-420au.rs-online.com29'