b'MULTIMETER S FLUKE 117 Handheld Digital Multimeter NA Keysight Technologies U1242B HandheldNADigital MultimeterVoltAlert Technology for integrated10,000 - count dual displaynon-contact voltage detection Overmold body casingAutoVolt feature for automaticUp to 0.09% basic DCV accuracyAC/DC voltage selectionLoZ: Low input impedance to eliminate stray voltage616-1460 10A ac 600V ac 10A dc 600V dc FLUKE 117 EUR 699-7351 10A ac 1000V ac 10A dc 1000V dc U1242BRS PRO RS14 Digital Multimeter NA Fluke 179 Handheld Digital Multimeter NACompact and handheld 6000 count LCD with 33 segment bargraphDigital 2000 count LCD displa True rms (a.c.) measurementFunctions measured: AC and DCEN61010-1 safety standard compliance Current, AC and DC Voltage, Resistance,to Cat IV 600V & Cat III 1000VTemperature Measurement123-1938 RS14 Autoranging 394-4492 100kHz FLUKE 179DM285 Handheld Digital Multimeter NA Kyoritsu 2012R Handheld DigitalNAMultimeterA built-in 160 x 120 resolution thermalTrue RMS measurements ACV and ACAcamera sensor visually guidesAuto-power-save functionyou to an electrical problem Buzzer for easy continuity checkingPerforms 18 measurement functions including True RMS, VFD mode, LoZ, NCV, and moreThermocouple input & test leads168-1355 10A ac 1000V ac 10A dc 1000V dc DM285 916-3377 CAT III 300V, CAT II 600V 2012Rau.rs-online.com27'