b'MULTIFUNCTION TESTERSFluke 1664FC Multifunction Tester,NAIncludes Insulation Pre-test that detects when appliances are connected to the system and stops the testRuns seven installation tests automatically in one sequence with a single connection through auto testRetrieve stored results from anywherePerforms fast voltage measurement between L-N, L-PE, and N-PE using the mains cordNo need to change measurement connections122-8557 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V FLK-1664FC/FVF AUMI-3125 Electrical Tester NA RS PRO MT-6600 Multifunction Tester NAAutomated RCD testing procedureTest a variety of installation parameterssignificantly reduces the test time 3.5 in TFT colour LCD display Automatic polarity reversal on continuity test with 320 x 240 pixelsBuilt-in loop impedance tablesFast high current loop testallow automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance results compared to the regulations712-6023 1999 MI-3125 144-5338 1000VMegger LRCD220 Loop Impedance & RCDNA Megger MFT1835 Multifunction Tester NACombined TesterNon-trip loop tester 3-terminal earth test and stakeless testing RCD testing from 10 mA to 1000 mA for spike resistance measurementAuto RCD testing (LRCD220) Full input protection and safety warnings when a hazardous voltage is presentInternal memory and Bluetooth communication712-5749 Test Type 2 Wire 500V, RCD Test Type AC LRCD220-EN-BS 901-1333 1000V MFT1835-AUau.rs-online.com26'