b'INSULATION TESTERSMegger MIT400/2 Insulation andNA Keysight Technologies U1461A InsulationNAContinuity Testers TesterThe Megger MIT400/2 insulation andAdjustable test output voltage from 10V to 1.1kVcontinuity tester has a redesignedAutomatic test report generationcase, back-stand and 6-cell battery4.5 digit full featured DMM with OLED displaycompartment with separate fuse accessInsulation testing is enhanced with feedback controlled test voltages to limit over-voltage up to 2%, rather than the industry standards i. e. 10-20%All the primary results are displayed in the larger digital display and repeated on the analogue arc921-4508 1000V, 200G, CAT IV 1006-723 820-2976 1000V, 260G, CAT III 1000V U1461AKyoritsu 3132A Insulation & ContinuityNA FLIR IM75 Insulation Tester NATester1mA rated test current at theAdvanced Insulation Modes: maximum resistance Insulation Resistance up to 20 G, 200mA short circuit currentPI, DAR, Earth Bond Resistanceon continuity testing Multiple ranges of resistance insulation Automatic discharge of circuit capacitancetest levels available via rotary switch: (any charge stored in the circuit under test50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000Vwill be automatically discharged after testing) Multi-color LED indicator with Compare Mode makes pass/fail determinations easy and visible447-7606 1000V, 400M, CAT III 600 V 3132A 877-7118 1000V, 20G, CAT III 1000V IM75Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter NA RS PRO RS5500 Insulation Tester NASingle compact, handheld unit combinesLarge dual display with backlight1 kV insulation tester with a fullfeatured,Triple insulation voltage Test Ranges: 200 true-RMS digital multimeter M/250 V; 200 M/500 V; 2000 M/1000 VPI/DAR timed ratio tests with TrendItAC Voltage (40Hz to 400Hz)graphs to identify moisture and contaminated insulation problems fasterSelectable filter for accurate measurement of voltage and frequency on motor drives905-5920 1000V, 2G, CAT III 1000V FLUKE-1587 FC 123-1931 1000V, 2G, CAT III 1000Vau.rs-online.com23'