b'PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTERSSeaward PAC3760DL AU PAT Tester NA PAT420 Portable Appliance Tester NADisplay LCD Large 5.7in. VGA backlit colour screen for Indication PASS/FAIL and Measured Values clear & easily understandable resultsOperation 6 Push Button 5 user defined soft-keys for direct access to frequently used functionsFull QWERTY keypad for easy and precise data entry.828-2635 Class I, Class II Test Type PAC3760 DL 721-2465 Class I, Class II Test Type PAT420-AUProtag PAC3760 DL AU PAT Testing Kit NA Fluke 6500 2 PAT Tester NAIncludes:1 x PAC3760DL Portable ApplianceWith powerful auto test capabilities and Tester1 x PAC OPT Direct Thermal Tagsimplified controls, including one touch Printer1 x Seaward PAC3760DL softcase1test routines, the Fluke 6500-2 PAT Tester x IEC Lead adaptor1 x Power lead1 xincreases the number of tests you can Certificate of conformity and manual perform per day without compromising resultsThe Fluke 6500-2 is suitable for testing both 230 V and 110 V appliances,the 6500-2 model runs all the required safety tests: Earth bond low (low/high current, Insulation 500 V, 250 V, Leakage (PE current, touch current, substitute current), Can test 110 V appliances (earth bond, insulation) via the 110 V adapter kit863-7023 Class I, Class II Test Type Protag PAC3760DL Kit 808-2561 Class I, Class II Test Type FLUKE-6500-2 AUA PAT Tester for every applicationThe clear display, huge on-board memory, and proven long duty cycle means the PAT400 series testers from Megger will still be working at full speed long after the operator has had to stop for a rest. au.rs-online.com22'