b'Key Features & Benefits:Safe and accurate voltage measurement upto 1500V DCIP54 rating for dust and water making it ideal for work outdoors on solar arrays and wind power systems.DC power measurement, showing readings in kVA.Audio and Visual Polarity to ensure photovoltaic panels are properly installed with the help of an audio beep and a light to indicate correct polarity.Visual Continuity that provides a bright green indicator light in the display for working in dark and noisy environments.Logging, sharing and reporting of test results via Fluke Connect software.1ENHANCED SAFETY WITH3INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY CAT III 1500V RATING WITH FLUKE 393FC. Unparalleled safety with Worlds firstMake DC power measurement quickly CAT III 1500 V/CAT IV 600 V clamp meter.and accurately with a tool that does it all: Comes with 1500 V CAT III insulated testV, A and Power (kVA). Ensure PV panels leads. are properly installed with the help of an audio beep to indicate incorrect polarity. Visual continuity makes continuity testing easier in low-light situations.2RECORD, ANALYZE, SHARERUGGEDNESS & RESULTS WITH FLUKE4RELIABILITY ARE CONNECT SOFTWARELog up to 65,000 data points onINGRAINED IN FLUKE 393FCthe device and download with Fluke Connect. Fluke 393FC clamp is sturdy with ingress protection (IP54) to support usage in outdoor environmental conditions. It also comes with a 25% thinner jaw than Fluke 37X Clamp meters, makes it easier and faster to take measurements in tight and overcrowded spaces. This new, improved design is durable, rugged and reliable and meets the stringent CAT III creepage and clearance requirements.Shop the Fluke range at RS Onlineau.rs-online.com/flukeau.rs-online.com21'