b'CLIPSALAngle And Straight Plugs FLAGTEXT Extension Sockets & ApplianceFLAGTEXTAll are fitted with a screwed ring for securing toConnectorssocket outlets and to ensure IP66 rating All connectors have impact resistant, UV stabilised mouldingsDesign innovations include a transparent centre body sectionThe IP66 rating can be achieved when extension socket/for instant visual checking of connections and an internalconnectors are used in conjunction with compatible accessories cable clamp which grips two wayssuch as 56P Plugs, 56PA Plugs and 56AI Appliance Inletsto prevent cable twisting215-041815A, 32V, 2 Pin 56P215/32-EO 214-18253 Flat PIN, 250V, 10A 56CSC310-RO867-459520A, 250V, 4 Pin 56P320-EO 867-45894 Round PIN, 500V, 32A 56CSC432-EO214-160610A, 500V, 7 Pin 56P710-EO 867-45735 Round PIN, 500V, 32A 56CSC532-EOCombination Switched Socket Outlets FLAGTEXT Appliance Inlets FLAGTEXTCombination sockets feature a clear dustproof and56 Series Appliance Inlets feature a downward facing, hoseproof flap with a snap catch latchangled pinhousing which enables extension socket plugs Both the superseded non IP56 plainto be neatly connected without bulky right angle entryplugs and the current IP66 retentionA screwed lock ring is standardring plugs can be accommodated214-1534 1 Pole 15A 32V213-8433 10A 250V 3 FlatEY56AI310215-0355 1 Pole 10A 110V213-8281 20A 250V 3 Round56AI320-GY214-1799 1 Pole 10A 250V215-035210A 500V 4 Flat 56AI410Surface Socket Outlets Surface Switches FLAGTEXTClipsal Surface Socket Outlets range in size from 32V 10A to 500V 50A 56 Series Surface Switches are available from 250V, 10A to 500V 63AAll sockets feature hoseproof and dust resistantThey incorporate a positive, rotary switch action. ON and OFF flaps with automatic snap catch latches positions are clearly marked and there is provision for two padlocksThe transparent flap enables instant visual inspectionHole diameter is 8mmof socket condition and pin configuration213-837010A Grey 2 Pole 214-1916 1 Pole 10A 250V56SW110-WW215-044710A Grey 3 Pole 215-0478 1 Pole 20A 250V56SW120LE-RO215-051410A Grey 4 Pole 213-8409 2 Pole 20A 500V56SW220LE-GYau.rs-online.com18'