b'BEACONS & SOUNDERS Harmony XB5 Buzzer Beacons NA Werma BM 826 Incandescent Beacons NABezel material plastic The supply voltage is between Mounting diameter 22mm 12VAC/12VDC and 240VAC/240VDCContinuous or intermittant tone Bayonet lock fixingOptimised cap ribbing167-9011 90dB, Red, 24 V ac/dc, IP66, IP67, IP69 XB5KS2B4 365-9734 Green 82620000167-9014 90dB, Yellow, 24 V ac/dc, IP66, IP67, IP69 XB5KS2B8 365-9728 Red 82610000167-9015 90dB, Yellow, 110 V ac/dc, IP66, IP67, IP69 XB5KS2G8 365-9740 Amber 82630000Klaxon Flashguard QBS Xenon Beacon NA Askari Compact White 32 Tone ElectronicNASounderThe supply voltage is 12VDC/24VDC 32 tones, the tones are compatible with Ultra-low profile xenon Roshni, Squashni and Flashni soundersEase of installation with first-fixHas a second tone for a two-stage alarmoption on standard models Easily accommodated and simple to install309-5972 Amber QBS-0043309-5764 Red QBS-0052 530-5990 928 V dc, 97dB at 1 Metre, IP65 AC/W/SWITCHRS PRO Compact LED Beacon NA e2s SON4 Sounder Beacon NAProviding excellent all-round visibilityAutomatic synchronisation on in all weather conditions multi-sounder systemx 4W LED provide a working life of more3-stage alarmthan 50,000 hours ensuring maximum3 level of volume controlreliability with minimum maintenanceFixing holes are directly accessible without needing to dismantle the unit907-5993 Amber 192-9485 104dB, Red Xenon, 230 V ac, IP66 SON4AC230R/Rau.rs-online.com17'