b'SAFETY LIGHT BARRIERS / CURTAINSPreventa XUSL Safety Light Curtains NAHighly reliable and excellent quality.Automatic or Manual startIP65/67 rated127-8298 46 Beams, 30mm Resolution XUSL2E30H091N Did you know?127-8305 16 Beams, 30mm Resolution XUSL2E30H031N127-8312 8 Beams, 30mm Resolution XUSL2E30H016NL4000 Light Beam Sender NASafety light curtains are also known as safety Colour LEDs provide in-situ information on operational status light barriers or safety light screens. These Numerous areas of operational use, IP67 rated for outdoor applicationsoptoelectronic devices are used to detect and sub-zero operating capabilityNickel plated brass housing people present in the vicinity of moving machinery. Light curtains can be used as an alternative to mechanical barriers and other forms of traditional machine guarding. A set of light curtains contains a transmitter head and a receiver head. A transmitter generates an infra-red light between the two heads which acts as a detection zone. A movement detected within the detection zone initials the machine stopping procedure and automatically disconnect all hazardous 701-2918 1 Beam, 10m Max Range L41S-21MA1A machinery.Preventa XU2S Light Beam Sender &NA To reactivate the machinery, an operator Receiver has to press reset button that is positioned Flexibility allows connection of up to 4 light beam devices which canoutside of the danger area. Some models protect a zone up to 1200mm highAutomatic self-checking every 5ms are equipped with an auto-reset option that Built-in muting function allows the light device to be inhibited by an external sensor automatically starts machinery once the detection zone is free of obstacles. A response time of all light curtains is just a fraction of a second, it means that no other barrier type can compare to that.Light curtains are great safety devices that are used to keep people safe around hazardous machinery which could cause them harm. They can help ensure user safety during routine operations like maintenance 385-7578 1 Beam, 8m Max Range XU2S18PP340L5 and repair.au.rs-online.com16'