b'GRAB WIRE SWITCHESPreventa XY2 Series Grab wire switchesNA Schmersal ZQ700 Cable Switch NAwith E-StopSwitches incorporate positive openingSize of cable entry is M20 x 1.5operation contacts, the tripping of theRelease pushbuttonswitch being made with positive action Position indicatorThe switch latches in the tripped position (N/C safety contact(s) open). The function of the N/O contact is purely for signallingIncorporates a reset button, which re-closes the safety contact(s), restarting of the machine must only be achieved by manual operation of a control device within the machine start circuit, remote to the trip wire switch130-0872 30m, 2NC, NO XY2CH13290H29130-0874 2 x 100m, 2NC, 2NO XY2CEDA190130-0885 70m, NC, NO XY2CE1A450130-0887 70m, 2NC XY2CE1A270EX 741-8672 10m, 2NC, Straight ZQ 700-02IDEM Guardian Line GLS-SS StainlessNA Telemecanique Sensors XY2-CH CableNASteel Safety Rope Pull Switches SwitchSwitch mechanism will latch theSize of cable entry is PG13.5instant the safety contacts open For machine tools, conveyers Positive break contacts and handling applicationsRugged integral sealing bellows meanRecommended distance between they can be high pressure hosed cable supports is 5m826-4117 100m, 2NO/2NC 144015826-4110 100m, 2NO/2NC, Straight 144021A826-4108 100m, 2NO/2NC, Straight 144009A 742-3924 15m, 2NC, Straight XY2CH13270H29826-4126 100m, 2NO/2NC, Straight 144030 609-1939 15m, 2NC, Straight XY2CH13270ER Cable Switch With E-Stop NA Banner RP-LM40D Cable Switch NALong rope spans up to 80m means fewerPositive-opening safety contacts which number of switches required per application are not dependent upon springsTension indicator makes the system easy toHeavy-duty die cast metal housingset up and to maintain the proper rope tension Suitable for demanding IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure enables the switchindustrial environmentsto withstand water wash down cleaning757-9106 40m, NO/2NC, Straight ER5018-021ME 839-4577 6m, 2NC, NO/NC, Straight RP-LM40D-6au.rs-online.com14'