b'PUSHBUTTONS & PILOT LIGHTS Harmony XB4 Complete Pilot Lights NA SIRIUS ACT Push Button Head NADirect supply type will requireSelf-holding function of the separate purchase of appropriate BA9sactuator when mountingincandescent lamp, neon or LED Twist prevention integrated into Transformer types are suppliedpatented holder designcomplete with BA9s incandescent Stackable contact modulesLED types are complete with integral LED light block330-8925 Red XB4BVB4330-8919 Green XB4BVB3 874-1712 Red 3SU1000-0AB20-0AA0609-5701 Yellow XB4BVB5 874-1689 Green 3SU1000-0AB40-0AA0RS PRO Panel Mount LED Pilot Lights NA Eaton Mushroom Head Push Button NABrighter than standard incandescent bulbs This versatile pushbutton features Very low power consumption a diameter of 94mmTemperature range -2555 C IEC418 tamperproofDurable, impact-resistant housing763-7918 Green763-7909 Red 225-8166 NO/NC Momentary Screw 229746 & FAK-R/KC11/IPanel Mount Black Buzzer NA XAC-A Pendant Control Stations NACompact design for short installation time Pre-assembled pendants for LED illumination integrated withcommon crane applicationscontinuous/flashing light/siren Shrouded, base-mounted, key-Cable Terminal release Stop pushbuttonSwitching current 10A034-0695 6 Button XACA06SPEC0280746-8989 3 Button835-2794 Round, 230V ac 1SFA619600R6336 609-4455 2 Button XACA281au.rs-online.com13'