b'EMERGENCY STOP BUTTONSHarmony XALK Series Emergency StopNA SSA EB1 Series E-Stop push button NAPush ButtonsEasy to use turn to release functionalityRugged design which helps create for easy reset once activated easy installation with no assembly Light grey RAL 7035 base enclosure,or individual wiring requiredwith a yellow RAL 1021 cover colour andEasy to installa prominent, bold red push button forOperating Temperature Range -25 to + 70Ceasy identification to its functionDurable Polycarbonate material, easy to clean and maintain with added durability for extended use (mechanical durability of 300,000 cycles)795-1295 Twist to Reset, NC XALK178609-4708 Twist to Reset, NO/NC XALK178E795-1309 Pull to Reset, NC XALK198795-1302 Key Reset, NC XALK188 840-3056 Twist to Reset, NO/2NC SSA-EB1PLYR-12ECQ8Stainless Steel Enclosed E-Stops NA ABB Panel Mount Emergency Button NA2NC/1NO contact configuration Modular Emergency StopConduit entry of M20 Mushroom 40mmHigh pressure hosed with detergentsRed - Non-illuminatedat high-temperature826-4390 Twist to Reset, 2NC/NO, 240 V 231001826-4394 Twist to Reset, 2NC/NO, 240 V 231002826-4404 Twist to Reset, 2NC/NO, 240 V 231005 757-8897 Twist to Reset 1SFA611523R1001XB5A Series Red Emergency pushbuttons NA APEM Surface Mount Emergency Button NAStrong resistance to chemicals (cleaningTwist-to-reset actionagents, alcohol, oils & detergents) offering youNon-illuminatedthe flexibility of area of use for your E-stops Double-pole, positive break switchGreater vibration resistance alongside shake-proof terminal screws to prevent the E-stop loosening from its mounting / panelSimple, easy and quick panel mounting installation, saving you time and effort123-8167 Turn to Release, 2NC XB5AS8444417-5401 Twist to Reset, NC A01ES-DSP3+54B-795-1289 Pull to Reset, NC XB5AT842 D+FM2+YL5+PEA01au.rs-online.com12'