b'Innovative solutions for machine safetyCovering all the safety functionality and scalability you needfor your machines.Schneider Electric provides an extensive and comprehensive range of machine protection equipment and safety certified products offers. In conjunction with our best-in-class industrial offers, we continue to innovate at every level to support you further with all your industrial application needs.XPS safety relays and controllersPreventa XPS safety relays and XPSMCM modular safety controllers provide flexible safety solutions for a wide range of machine safety applications.XPS: dedicated safety relay modules for specific functions e.g. limit switch monitoring, zero speed detection, timing,two-hand control, press control, and others.XPSMCM: modular and configurable safety controllers with a complete range of I/O and communication expansion modules.Harmony safety emergency stopsUpgraded waterproof and dust proof, ideal for severe environments, especially applications requiring high impact and vibration resistance.Combines simplicity of setup, flexibility, and robust construction.Range now includes E-stop with monitoring contacts, to avoid errors in installation. schneider-electric.co.nz/safety18 | Marketplace by Powerbase'